3 Ways you can live a more positive life😊🌻👍

I have my ups and downs with being positive, naturally I am an introvert, I am sensitive to the energy of others,  I often find myself battling with not only my  own negative feelings and emotions but the negative vibes of other people. Now I know you’re probably thinking just remove the negative people from my life, yep…that would be the easiest option but some of the most negative people are the ones I care about the most so it is not so simple.

This blog post is about the tips that I currently use to help myself stay upbeat and have a positive healthy outlook on my life.

Acknowledging the crap stuff| When things are shit or irritating and make me angry, instead of trying to block out those feelings by plastering a smile on my face I have a rant or a cry or write down how I am feeling. I allow myself to let all of my emotions out but I do not dwell on these feelings. If someone has upset me I allow myself to ‘hate’ them, but I also remind myself that it will all pass. I assess whether it is worth being upset about the situation, if it is worth my energy and time, more often that not it isn’t. And once I reach that conclusion I decide to let it go. I am not the one with the problem, they are.

Practising positivity and finding something good in everything| Criticism is one of the worst things to trigger negative thoughts, I feel as though it is worse for me if it comes from someone who I care about or admire, which makes sense because I care more about their opinion. It’s easy to focus on the negative things that are being said, especially if it is about your character or the way you live your life but I always try to think off criticism in two ways. Will what I am being told enhance my life? Even if it is horrid to hear and I may not agree with it, is it something that will add to my personality, productivity or wellbeing? If so then hey, I owe it to myself to improve and grow. If not then does the opinion of someone else really matter? If I truly believe that the words I am being told are not going to add anything to my life then I decide that it doesn’t matter, but hey at least that person was man or woman enough to share their feelings with me. It’s okay if I disagree with them. Being objective and able to evaluate and decipher your thoughts and emotions is one of the most valuable tools you can have.

Eat Healthy| I know this one is annoying, when you feel crap you just wanna eat all bad foods, but don’t you find when you are eating well and putting goodness into your body you feel a sense of pride? Feeling healthy and as though you are doing right by your body (after all you deserve to be nourished) is a great way to boost self confidence, boost mood and also when we are getting tonnes of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need we are bound to feel better in general.