The 1st Week is the hardest 😩 Three tips to help you lose weight & Succeed on your diet 👍

Three sensible tips to get through the first week of your new life. Yes life. There have been around a million Mondays where I have planned the Sunday before to start a new diet and by Monday evening I have failed, stuffing my face with crisps vowing to start again the following Monday. The concept of a diet to me is a short term concept, or fix if you will. Something you do when you’ve gained a couple of pounds and want to get down to your normal weight. A little nudge in the right direction, but for me the word diet is a self destructive term, I don’t need to lose a couple of pounds, I need to make a serious life change and commitment to my well being. 

So embarking on a change that will have a lasting effect on me has been tough, challenging if you will, there are  times when I want to walk to Mcdonalds at 1 am  to devour some large fries… My mouth waters at the thought but, when you make a promise to yourself to make a lifestyle change, you keep it. However tough it may be…That said I have a few tips to help you out, I know that the 1st week is the hardest, but you can do it, and once you have got through the first seven days, you will be able to power through anything.

Meal and food prep! Organisation is everything. If you don’t have your meals and snacks prepared I believe you are setting yourself up for failure. If I have gone to the effort of slaving over a stove, bagging and labelling meals I feel as though I can’t shove it aside and replace it with a fatty ready meal. I have to eat it.  Having healthy(ish) ready to go meals stops me from going to the vending machine at work to grab some Walkers or chocolate, now I will not lie, sometimes, most likely around that special time of month, it takes everything in me to no to go grab a Kit Kat, but I have found great healthier snacks that I also enjoy and when I compare the calories, I rationalise my crazy craving and feel good that I have not given in to the naughty treats.

Dear Diary Write, write , write. It’s understandable that emotionally when you have significantly lowered your calorie intake or are no longer allowing yourself to eat food that is not beneficial to your health you can hit many highs and lows. As humans in general, our hormones often go crazy, out of whack even ,but like I said it is normal, it’s how we deal with these highs and lows is what determines failure or success. So my tip to you is to buy a new journal, a note pad or a diary. Write what you eat, write how you feel, write what you hope to achieve by changing your habits. Write so when you have the low points, you are able to read over the positive thoughts to help keep you going and when you’ve succeeded in getting  closer to your goal you can look back as see how old habits changed and new habits were formed and knowing you are able to push through will stop you from grabbing a tub of Ben and Jerry’s.

Be kind to yourself, in life shit happens, we have bad days, we make bad choices. If you have a 1000 calories of a KFC meal, don’t hate yourself. Don’t think ‘this is the end’ no. Tomorrow is another day, if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. Taking each day as it comes is a great way to keep positive and allows you not to overwhelm yourself and means you will not set yourself up for failure. You will be giving yourself a chance to be your best. So take each day as it comes and love yourself. At the end of the day, every step you take towards being a healthier you is a positive one.

So there you have it, my three top tips to help you succeed, although these tips are meant to help you get through the first seven days of a new lifestyle change, they are by no means limited to that period of time. I believe that they are habits that will allow you success for however long you intend to be on this journey, healthy positive habits are always relevant to living a fulfilled life. So try to always keep them in mind, I do .

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