A week of Low Carb, Intermittent Fasting|The Meal Plan🍳🍌


This week I am doing a intermittent fasting low carb body reboot. I find eating low carb gives me the best weight loss and I have heard great things about fasting so I thought it would be good time to give it a go. This week I will be eating between 8 am – 4pm. I never normally eat early in the morning so I know that it will be a struggle but it’s the perfect opportunity to start making new habits, the most challenging thing is that I will have to eat all my meals during my work day and when I come home I will only allow myself to drink herbal teas and water.

Some might think that this is crazy and that it won’t work but life is about trial and error and nothing is set in stone. If I really struggle eating early in the day I will have to change things around and eat my meals later and if I find myself waking up in the middle of the night starving then I will obviously need to make changes to combat that as well. All in all, it’s going to be an interesting week, no cheat meals and I will be weighing myself on Sunday, I am pretty sure I will see a big drop if I stick to this 100% as there will be some water weight lost as well.

Onto what I will be eating this week.

I will have three meals, I’ll probably end up having lunch and dinner at the same time at work so they will make a very large meal as I won’t be able to dedicate time to splitting the meals up throughout the day.

For breakfast: A green smoothie with spinach, mango,papaya and pineapple.  * Tropical Mix from Aldi 

Lunch & Dinner : Two egg omelette with spinach, peppers & red onion. Chicken in a tomato sauce with quinoa, beans and sprouts.

Snacks : Herbal Teas & Lemon Water


55 G Protien

76 G Carbs

26 G Fiber

19 G Fat

My calories each day will be around 900 kcal and I will take a few different vitamins supplements as well. I am not 100% sure how long I will do the super low calories for but  I’ll see how I go, if I need to increase I won’t hesitate to go up to 1200 kcal.


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