Top Five Holland & Barrett Health Food Products 🍫🍬☕️

My love for Holland & Barrett is so real. I love going into their stores and since the one on Market Street in Manchester was refurbished  I find myself going in there even when I have no reason to, I never walk out of there without a bag or two or three.

Eat Real Quinoa Crisps : I have loved the sour cream & onion version of these crisps for years, the first time i saw them was in a 99p shop in Kent and I have had an obsession with them every since. These crisps are flavour full and make you feel a little better about indulging, I  would recommend picking them up whenever you get a chance, they remind of of Quavers but far more sophisticated :p 30g bag for £0.85

Yogi Detox Tea :  I have gone through two boxes of this delicious tea and I will most likely continue to buy this as long as Yogi keep making it.  I find this tea the perfect afternoon tea to have just before lunch. It is warming and saisiating , it contains cinnamon, licorice, cardamom and clove. It is honestly perfection in a mug. 17 tea bags for £2.35

Natures’ Way Alive! Gummy Vitamins: These Vitamins are pricey but I had a hard time with my digestion recently and the other  vitamin tablets I had been taking started to irritate my stomach. These vitamins taste like sweets and contain fruit and vegetables  and have a berry flavour. If you feel naeusous taking normal tablets I would recommend these gummy vitamins are great for those who have issues swallowing tablets and if you’re trying to eat a healthier diet two of these can feel like a little treat.  I take the Women’s Energy which cost  £14.99 and contain B12, B6 & Biotin.

Holland & Barratt Mega Vitamins for Hair: These are the BEST hair vitamins I have ever taken and I always see positive changes in the condition of my hair whenever I take them. They are pricier than standard biotin tablets and contain a a lot of vitamins like biotin, folic acid and vitamin C that help to promote hair growth and healthier hair in general. These vitamins cost £15.99 and since Holland and Barrett are always doing buy one get one half price,  or penny sales there is always a way to get these for a good deal. 

London Fruit & Herb Company | Green tea & Orange: This tea is my favourite green tea, I love anything citrus and I had never seen an orange infused green tea before. The flavour is very pleseant and present and this tea is honestly just as nice warm as it is cold. You get 20 tea bags and last time I checked this yummy tea is only £0.89! If you’re in the market for some green tea I suggest you go get you some as it is literally the best green tea I have tried. 

It was very hard to choose 5 of my favourite products for Holland & Barratt because it is legitimately my favourite shop and I have a lot of amazing items for there. If you  don’t already get your health products from them I recommend popping onto their Website or your local store because you are guaranteed to find some great stuff. They are currently having a buy one get on half price promotion so now is the best time to try their stuff out.  

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