An Afternoon By The Sea | Saturday in Brighton 

Brighton is one of my favourite places in the world, as soon as I step of the train from London I feel an instant jolt of happiness, it literally happens every time like some kind of happiness electric shock as soon as my foot touches the platform. This past Saturday my friend and I decided to go for an afternoon of sun, sea and food, we explored The Laines and all the cute little independent stores and we had lunch at La Choza Mexican restaurant which was recommended by trip advisor as well as one of her friends.
La Choza

I have to be honest I couldn’t help but smile as we turned on to the street that La Choza is located on the building itself is so aesthetically pleasing and cute with its blue , yellow and pink store front. The colours kind of remind me of a wacky clown but in a really awesome way and the interior is decorated with Mexican sugar skulls and wrestling masks and cactai. 

We waited 40 minutes for a table for two, the resturaunt was quite busy but it was a Saturday afternoon so I guess it’s understandable for a smallish establishment. The food was also pretty meh, I ordered a Quesadila and expected it to blow my mind, I prefer Wahacca to be honest. It wasn’t that flavourful. 
I had their slush and it blew my mind lol it wasn’t your typical corner shop slushy the ice was really fluffy if that makes sense and it had an awesome citrusy/ tropical taste, I honestly don’t know what the official flavours are but it was . I had two at £2.50 a pop, I honestly would have ordered another to take away but I knew that would be going overboard. 

Lovely atmosphere and lovely staff.

My friend ordered Nachos which she really enjoyed, they gave her quite a big substantial portion too which is awesome it was fully loaded with cheese, salsa, guacamole, beans and sour cream I wish I had gotten a picture but she kind of demolished them before I could. 

All in all the food wasn’t anything special but not terrible the prices were reasonable as well £6 for starters and £8 for mains, my friend loved her nachos so maybe if I go back I’d order them as like i said the portion was a really good side. I also loved the slushy. 

After lunch we went into a Sass & Belle and Tiger where I spent money on cute things I don’t need and then we made our way to the beach were we chilled and reflected before heading home. 
If you guys haven’t been to Brighton I suggest you spend a day exploring, it’s a city with the most amazing vibe, really eclectic and chill and there are so many cafes and places to visit. 

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