Top Five Holland & Barrett Health Food Products 🍫🍬☕️

My love for Holland & Barrett is so real. I love going into their stores and since the one on Market Street in Manchester was refurbished  I find myself going in there even when I have no reason to, I never walk out of there without a bag or two or three.

Eat Real Quinoa Crisps : I have loved the sour cream & onion version of these crisps for years, the first time i saw them was in a 99p shop in Kent and I have had an obsession with them every since. These crisps are flavour full and make you feel a little better about indulging, I  would recommend picking them up whenever you get a chance, they remind of of Quavers but far more sophisticated :p 30g bag for £0.85

Yogi Detox Tea :  I have gone through two boxes of this delicious tea and I will most likely continue to buy this as long as Yogi keep making it.  I find this tea the perfect afternoon tea to have just before lunch. It is warming and saisiating , it contains cinnamon, licorice, cardamom and clove. It is honestly perfection in a mug. 17 tea bags for £2.35

Natures’ Way Alive! Gummy Vitamins: These Vitamins are pricey but I had a hard time with my digestion recently and the other  vitamin tablets I had been taking started to irritate my stomach. These vitamins taste like sweets and contain fruit and vegetables  and have a berry flavour. If you feel naeusous taking normal tablets I would recommend these gummy vitamins are great for those who have issues swallowing tablets and if you’re trying to eat a healthier diet two of these can feel like a little treat.  I take the Women’s Energy which cost  £14.99 and contain B12, B6 & Biotin.

Holland & Barratt Mega Vitamins for Hair: These are the BEST hair vitamins I have ever taken and I always see positive changes in the condition of my hair whenever I take them. They are pricier than standard biotin tablets and contain a a lot of vitamins like biotin, folic acid and vitamin C that help to promote hair growth and healthier hair in general. These vitamins cost £15.99 and since Holland and Barrett are always doing buy one get one half price,  or penny sales there is always a way to get these for a good deal. 

London Fruit & Herb Company | Green tea & Orange: This tea is my favourite green tea, I love anything citrus and I had never seen an orange infused green tea before. The flavour is very pleseant and present and this tea is honestly just as nice warm as it is cold. You get 20 tea bags and last time I checked this yummy tea is only £0.89! If you’re in the market for some green tea I suggest you go get you some as it is literally the best green tea I have tried. 

It was very hard to choose 5 of my favourite products for Holland & Barratt because it is legitimately my favourite shop and I have a lot of amazing items for there. If you  don’t already get your health products from them I recommend popping onto their Website or your local store because you are guaranteed to find some great stuff. They are currently having a buy one get on half price promotion so now is the best time to try their stuff out.  

3 Awesome Whole Foods To Help You Lose Weight & Have You Feeling Great | 🥗🥙

Today’s post will be about three awesome ingredients that you can add into a plethora of dishes for an extra boost of goodness, these foods are staples for me as they are inexpensive, readily available and are delicious alone but even tastier when you add them into meals.

The firsts of these whole foods is Quinoa.  This South American grain has become popular in recent years as it is often used as a substitute for starchy carbohydrates and is awesome for those who are unable to eat a diet that contains gluten.  I like to use quinoa as it is a complete protein and I like to use it to make soups heartier and as a general replacement for rice as it contains twice as much protein.  

Quinoa is rich in calcium, magnesium, manganese, vitamin e and is a good source of fibre. It’s a low GI carbohydrate and contains all 9 essential amino acids as well as Omega-3 fatty acids. 

This awesome wonder grain is great for those who suffer from coeliac disease as well as vegans and vegetarians that may struggle to get enough protein. 

Okay, onto number two Legumes , my personal favourites are beans, I am not going to lie I normally purchase them in tinned form as they are really inexpensive and I always have them in my cupboard. My personal favourites are kidney beans, pinto beans and chickpeas although I usually just buy tins of mixed bean salad and add that into my meals. 

Legumes are a source of protein and fibre  and act as a great way to bulk up meat free casseroles, stews and soups. They can also be used to make meat free burgers or vegetable balls.

Studies have found that eating legumes such as black beans and kidney beans can help protect against diabetes, and heart disease and eating a healthy diet that includes legumes is going to aid in weightloss. 

Legumes have really helped me to lose weight and have also had a positive impact on my digestion so I don’t think I will ever be without them and I mean who doesn’t love a good meal of beans on toast? 

My third and final wonder food is Spinach. I ADORE spinach, my obsession might stem from my love of watching the cartoon Popeye when I little but it’s only grown as I have aged. I always have both frozen and fresh spinach on hand. Frozen to add into any cooked meals I make and fresh to put into my smoothies. 

Spinach is an effective  energy booster and a very rich source of iron which is awesome for those who suffer with anemia. Spinach also provides folic acid, Vitamin B2 & Chlorophyll. Green vegetables are generally very good for us as they are often excellent sources vitamins and minerals and spinach is no exception. 

Have it in breakfast in a smoothie or in an omelette, for lunch have your spinach in a refreshing salad and for dinner, add it to a hearty vegetable stew. I personally can’t get enough of the stuff.

So there it is guys, three awesome whole foods that will only add more plant based goodness to your diet, if you don’t already consume these nutritious foods I suggest you give them a go. 

 I lost 6 lbs in a week :) Intermittent Fasting & Low Carb

Hi guys, just a short update to you all,  I ended up losing 6 lbs this week and I am stoked, I know that this weight-loss is partly water weight but  a loss is still a loss and thats nearly half a stone! It’s not all about the number on the scale but seeing such a decrease this week has helped to keep me motivated to carry on with a healthy lifestyle.

I am not going to lie I did eat a couple packets of crisps throughout the week,work was very busy and decided I would treat myself to some Cheese and Onion crisps but I don’t feel bad about it, it happened and thats that really. I also ate out once this week as it was my housemates birthday which meant that I ate after 4pm on one day. 

In all honesty I am not sure if the intermittent fasting made much of a difference, I am a big snacker so restricting the time window in which I could eat meant that I couldn’t spend the evenings stuffing my face but I could just have easily stuck to the diet 100 % and spread my meals across the day. I have to admit that I did end up sleeping better which is awesome because I tend to average around 4 hours of horrible sleep most nights but I think that was down to not eating crappy foods or consuming caffeine and sugar.

All in all I think Low  Carb is still the best way of eating for me and I will continue to eat that way for the foreseeable future as I think it’s the fastest  way to drop weight. I might try intermittent fasting again as I like the idea of keeping my food intake within a certain time window and I assume that I’d be able to notice more health benefits over a longer time period.

A week of Low Carb, Intermittent Fasting|The Meal Plan🍳🍌


This week I am doing a intermittent fasting low carb body reboot. I find eating low carb gives me the best weight loss and I have heard great things about fasting so I thought it would be good time to give it a go. This week I will be eating between 8 am – 4pm. I never normally eat early in the morning so I know that it will be a struggle but it’s the perfect opportunity to start making new habits, the most challenging thing is that I will have to eat all my meals during my work day and when I come home I will only allow myself to drink herbal teas and water.

Some might think that this is crazy and that it won’t work but life is about trial and error and nothing is set in stone. If I really struggle eating early in the day I will have to change things around and eat my meals later and if I find myself waking up in the middle of the night starving then I will obviously need to make changes to combat that as well. All in all, it’s going to be an interesting week, no cheat meals and I will be weighing myself on Sunday, I am pretty sure I will see a big drop if I stick to this 100% as there will be some water weight lost as well.

Onto what I will be eating this week.

I will have three meals, I’ll probably end up having lunch and dinner at the same time at work so they will make a very large meal as I won’t be able to dedicate time to splitting the meals up throughout the day.

For breakfast: A green smoothie with spinach, mango,papaya and pineapple.  * Tropical Mix from Aldi 

Lunch & Dinner : Two egg omelette with spinach, peppers & red onion. Chicken in a tomato sauce with quinoa, beans and sprouts.

Snacks : Herbal Teas & Lemon Water


55 G Protien

76 G Carbs

26 G Fiber

19 G Fat

My calories each day will be around 900 kcal and I will take a few different vitamins supplements as well. I am not 100% sure how long I will do the super low calories for but  I’ll see how I go, if I need to increase I won’t hesitate to go up to 1200 kcal.


The 1st Week is the hardest 😩 Three tips to help you lose weight & Succeed on your diet 👍

Three sensible tips to get through the first week of your new life. Yes life. There have been around a million Mondays where I have planned the Sunday before to start a new diet and by Monday evening I have failed, stuffing my face with crisps vowing to start again the following Monday. The concept of a diet to me is a short term concept, or fix if you will. Something you do when you’ve gained a couple of pounds and want to get down to your normal weight. A little nudge in the right direction, but for me the word diet is a self destructive term, I don’t need to lose a couple of pounds, I need to make a serious life change and commitment to my well being. 

So embarking on a change that will have a lasting effect on me has been tough, challenging if you will, there are  times when I want to walk to Mcdonalds at 1 am  to devour some large fries… My mouth waters at the thought but, when you make a promise to yourself to make a lifestyle change, you keep it. However tough it may be…That said I have a few tips to help you out, I know that the 1st week is the hardest, but you can do it, and once you have got through the first seven days, you will be able to power through anything.

Meal and food prep! Organisation is everything. If you don’t have your meals and snacks prepared I believe you are setting yourself up for failure. If I have gone to the effort of slaving over a stove, bagging and labelling meals I feel as though I can’t shove it aside and replace it with a fatty ready meal. I have to eat it.  Having healthy(ish) ready to go meals stops me from going to the vending machine at work to grab some Walkers or chocolate, now I will not lie, sometimes, most likely around that special time of month, it takes everything in me to no to go grab a Kit Kat, but I have found great healthier snacks that I also enjoy and when I compare the calories, I rationalise my crazy craving and feel good that I have not given in to the naughty treats.

Dear Diary Write, write , write. It’s understandable that emotionally when you have significantly lowered your calorie intake or are no longer allowing yourself to eat food that is not beneficial to your health you can hit many highs and lows. As humans in general, our hormones often go crazy, out of whack even ,but like I said it is normal, it’s how we deal with these highs and lows is what determines failure or success. So my tip to you is to buy a new journal, a note pad or a diary. Write what you eat, write how you feel, write what you hope to achieve by changing your habits. Write so when you have the low points, you are able to read over the positive thoughts to help keep you going and when you’ve succeeded in getting  closer to your goal you can look back as see how old habits changed and new habits were formed and knowing you are able to push through will stop you from grabbing a tub of Ben and Jerry’s.

Be kind to yourself, in life shit happens, we have bad days, we make bad choices. If you have a 1000 calories of a KFC meal, don’t hate yourself. Don’t think ‘this is the end’ no. Tomorrow is another day, if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. Taking each day as it comes is a great way to keep positive and allows you not to overwhelm yourself and means you will not set yourself up for failure. You will be giving yourself a chance to be your best. So take each day as it comes and love yourself. At the end of the day, every step you take towards being a healthier you is a positive one.

So there you have it, my three top tips to help you succeed, although these tips are meant to help you get through the first seven days of a new lifestyle change, they are by no means limited to that period of time. I believe that they are habits that will allow you success for however long you intend to be on this journey, healthy positive habits are always relevant to living a fulfilled life. So try to always keep them in mind, I do .

Being Positive, Motivated and Accountable | How to get your life together | Setting quarterly Goals

Have you ever written a list with the intention of marking each point off and feeling super accomplished afterwards? Yeah me too. Some people go back to the list and will eventually get to work on it, it may take a while but they will get that stuff done. Sometimes you forget about the list and randomly find it crumpled up in the bottom of your bag with humbug wrappers & feminine products months later. Tell me that I am not the only one that happens to.

When it comes to my job I prioritise and make sure that I do what I need to do, but when it comes to my personal life and goals I always find it easy to put stuff on the back burner, when you have a lot of stuff going on it’s easy to practise self care and take time out to really do the things you want to do.

After going through an emotional time the past couple of weeks I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on myself, it feels like all the things I had been brimming with excitement to do, goals I had set myself have just blurred into the background as life as taken over. What I have realised is although there are some things that we can’t avoid in life such as making a living and having events that are out of our control, happiness is one thing we should not allow to stop being a priority. Happiness and self-love should always be a priority. If we are unable to love, appreciate and value ourselves then who will? If we are not happy then how will we thrive?

Looking at how things have worked out for me over the last few weeks I have realised that the reason some of problems I has occurred was because of me. It would have been easier for me to blame it all on the other person but what would be the point in that? I will not grow as a person if I don’t recognise my own faults and learn from it.

I have set myself 3 goals for the next three months and I am so looking forward to achieving them. When June 1st 2017 rolls round I will have created new habits and will be in a better place.

Being more positive | I used to be a more positive person and I’ve lost a bit of that. So I have decided that recognising when I am having a bad day, or when a situation is crappy instead of trying to erase bad thoughts by pasting a good thought on top is the best way to be more appreciative of every day and every situation.

Blogging more | I have always loved writing and it’s got me through some really bad times so I have decided to blog more, I really enjoy it and I will write a blog post at least twice a month for the foreseeable future. I am motivated to blog consistently and I want to look back in three months time with a smile on my face because I have achieved my goal.

Being healthier |  My health and happiness are tightly linked, when I am unhappy I care about myself less, and that is just stupid. Without our health what do we have? So I’ll be eating better and I will be moving more. If I slip up and have cake one day, I will not write the rest of the day off. I will dust those crumbs off my lap and continue on with the rest of the day. This goal does not only apply to my body but also my mental health. I think it is important to take time out to reflect, meditate and acknowledge feelings as burying them does not solve anything.

In short setting goals is like writing a list, there is no point in doing it if you aren’t committed to getting through it. Being committed is the key to achieving anything. It is important to realise and acknowledge that as humans we may fail, and we will have obstacles in our way, this is just a reality of life, but it is what we do with those roadblocks that matter. Don’t just think you will give things ago,  make you goals your everything, being able to visualise where you want to be is key, and giving your all will will pay off. It may take time, but you know that the end result will be worth it no matter how much time it may take.

3 Ways you can live a more positive life😊🌻👍

I have my ups and downs with being positive, naturally I am an introvert, I am sensitive to the energy of others,  I often find myself battling with not only my  own negative feelings and emotions but the negative vibes of other people. Now I know you’re probably thinking just remove the negative people from my life, yep…that would be the easiest option but some of the most negative people are the ones I care about the most so it is not so simple.

This blog post is about the tips that I currently use to help myself stay upbeat and have a positive healthy outlook on my life.

Acknowledging the crap stuff| When things are shit or irritating and make me angry, instead of trying to block out those feelings by plastering a smile on my face I have a rant or a cry or write down how I am feeling. I allow myself to let all of my emotions out but I do not dwell on these feelings. If someone has upset me I allow myself to ‘hate’ them, but I also remind myself that it will all pass. I assess whether it is worth being upset about the situation, if it is worth my energy and time, more often that not it isn’t. And once I reach that conclusion I decide to let it go. I am not the one with the problem, they are.

Practising positivity and finding something good in everything| Criticism is one of the worst things to trigger negative thoughts, I feel as though it is worse for me if it comes from someone who I care about or admire, which makes sense because I care more about their opinion. It’s easy to focus on the negative things that are being said, especially if it is about your character or the way you live your life but I always try to think off criticism in two ways. Will what I am being told enhance my life? Even if it is horrid to hear and I may not agree with it, is it something that will add to my personality, productivity or wellbeing? If so then hey, I owe it to myself to improve and grow. If not then does the opinion of someone else really matter? If I truly believe that the words I am being told are not going to add anything to my life then I decide that it doesn’t matter, but hey at least that person was man or woman enough to share their feelings with me. It’s okay if I disagree with them. Being objective and able to evaluate and decipher your thoughts and emotions is one of the most valuable tools you can have.

Eat Healthy| I know this one is annoying, when you feel crap you just wanna eat all bad foods, but don’t you find when you are eating well and putting goodness into your body you feel a sense of pride? Feeling healthy and as though you are doing right by your body (after all you deserve to be nourished) is a great way to boost self confidence, boost mood and also when we are getting tonnes of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need we are bound to feel better in general.